We have compiled frequently asked questions by our customers.

Local Moving

We have 14′, 17′ and 20′ trucks available for local moves depending on the amount of items being moved.

Yes, upon request our crews can reassemble items like beds, desks, and other furniture after delivery.

We service local moves within a 75 mile radius. Under 10 miles is our minimum distance.

Yes, after assessing your moving inventory we can provide a guaranteed quote for your upcoming local move.

Residential Local Moving

Yes, we offer full-service packing and unpacking for local residential moves to simplify the moving process.

We use specialty padding and crating materials to carefully move delicate household items and valuables.

All our residential movers undergo thorough background checks and training on safe moving practices. 

Clearly labeling boxes by room, decluttering items, and disassembling large furniture pieces helps streamline residential moves.

Apartment Local Moving

Yes, with specialized dollies and lifting equipment we have streamlined procedures tailored for moving in and out of apartments.  

Yes, upon request our crews will disassemble furniture before the move then reassemble items like beds and shelves at the new apartment residence.

Yes, we work closely with apartment managers to schedule crews aligned with specified building move hours and elevator reservations.  

Our trained movers and customized dollies allow maneuvering even large pieces through challenging apartment layouts in most cases.

Packing & Unpacking Local Moving

Yes we provide a full range of quality packing supplies and customized crates to secure possessions for local moves.

Yes, upon request we have specialized art and antique packing professionals available to ensure delicate items are expertly packed.

We use climate controlled storage units and heavy duty water/dust resistant boxes and wrapping to protect stored possessions.

Electronics equipment is wrapped in protective foam or bubble wrap and placed in reinforced boxes labeled as fragile.

Junk Removal Local Moving

Yes, as part of home and apartment moves crews will remove and properly dispose of any unwanted junk and furniture.

For typically expected debris removal no extra fees apply. But for large hoarding-scale rubbish removal added charges may be discussed.

Absolutely, through partnerships with local charities, recycling centers and waste management firms we maximize environmentally ethical junk disposal.  

We cannot dispose of toxic chemicals, gasoline, prescription medications, flammable liquids or car batteries during our standard junk removal process.

Appliance Local Moving

For safety reasons we require washing machines, dryers, and some other appliances to be disconnected ahead of time by qualified appliance professionals

Yes, we coordinate appliance moving and set up with electricians, HVAC contractors and other trades to ensure full, safe functionality after relocation.

We utilize specialized lifting gear, ramps, dollies designed specifically for maneuvering sizeable home appliances without damage during local transport.

Experienced crews carefully measure routes in advance, protecting flooring, walls and the appliance itself with heavy padding during any tight fits.

Electronics Local Moving

Electronics are wrapped securely with foam or bubble wrap and placed snugly inside clearly labeled “fragile” boxes for safe local transport.

Yes, upon request our technicians can expertly disconnect home theaters, stereo systems and other electronics to simplify setup at their new home placement after local moves.  

Yes we utilize climate controlled trucks and storage to protect electronics from excess heat, cold and moisture during local transportation. 

Absolutely! Sensitive hardware can be transported locally with solid state drive encryption, camera neutralization, strict chain of custody documentation and other data protections.

Long-Distance Moving

We categorize moves over 100 miles from origin to destination as long-distance. Anything less would be a local or regional move.

Yes, after assessing your complete moving inventory we can provide guaranteed pre-move quotes for long-distance relocation.

Long-distance moves include expanded services like full-service packing, GPS tracked trucks, mobile storage containers and weather delays protections.

Residential Long-Distance Moving

We offer specially equipped auto transport trucks that safely convey household vehicles along with family possessions across residential long-distance moves.

Yes, we coordinate furniture rental delivery after move-out so resident homes can be staged attractively, then remove it all later for relocation.

Absolutely, we have temperature/humidity controlled, 24-hour surveillance storage facilities nationwide to protect home goods during residential transitions.

Apartment Long-Distance Moving

Yes, our crews disassemble furniture to navigate apartment entryways, stairs and narrow hallways then reassemble everything inside the new apartment after long-distance relocations.

Generally allowances are very similar, but extremely oversized items like pianos may incur fees for apartment endpoints due to increased rigging needs.

We coordinate directly with building managers to reserve elevator time slots well in advance according to the precise apartment move schedules.

Packing & Unpacking Long-Distance Moving

We utilize rigid archival packing materials and techniques for fragile items including climate buffers, UV screens and dust covers during loading/unloading periods.

No, with full-packing services we handle all packing tasks – homeowners simply point out valuables needing specialty materials/handling and leave the rest to our experts.  

Yes, even on move day we can quickly order extra boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other supplies as needed to make sure all possessions are packed securely.  

Junk Removal Long-Distance Moving

Long-distance junk removal fees factor in expanded transportation and disposal costs plus applicable taxes/surcharges based on destination dump sites and recycling facilities.

Absolutely, we work with national charitable donation networks so usable household goods can be donated anywhere in the country instead of landfill disposal during moves.

Yes, laws prohibit transporting many hazardous waste categories like chemicals, batteries, paints, etc. across state lines – these require special local disposal during moves.

Commercial Moving

We handle office, retail, industrial, non-profit, hotel, restaurant, technology, medical, dental and a wide spectrum of commercial relocations.  

Yes, we have experience safely dismantling, relocating and reinstalling specialized technology, servers, scientific gear, manufacturing equipment and more.

Definitely, our project management teams offer full-scale consulting for large corporate relocations including space planning, IT/data coordination, inventory processing, staff scheduling and more.

Office Moving

We complete moves overnight or on weekends with flexible scheduling to maximize uptime. Also high-speed network and cloud tech reconnections.

Absolutely, we coordinate full serviced office furniture rentals so companies can seamlessly transition into temporary or newly completed office spaces.  

Yes, our teams will work directly with office staff to pack workstations, file rooms, server equipment and other areas – educating employees on best practices.

Hotel Liquidation

Yes, we coordinate hotel furniture sales events on-location or online auctions to maximize resale value for properties undergoing renovations or closures.  

Definitely, we have secure, climate controlled warehouse options to store hotel furnishings while redevelopment projects are completed before furniture reinstallation.

Multi-location fittings from hotels being renovated or merged can be moved into a centralized warehouse location for combined national sales events.

Corporate Relocations

Definitely. Our crews will walk office staff through proper techniques to disassemble workstations, storage units and desks to simplify reassembly at the new corporate location.

All heavy machinery is disconnected, wrapped and loaded onto specialty equipment like gurneys and lift gates for safe corporate relocation – then reinstalled by technicians.

For split furniture moves, we facilitate reselling directly to employees or liquidating remaining inventory through our business resale program before relocation.

College Dorm Relocations

Yes, we safely convey cars and household goods between dorm rooms and permanent home residences through our specialized student relocation programs.  

We utilize only dorm-permissible items like plastic bins, microwave-safe containers and flame retardant furniture coverings during packing and unpacking.

Absolutely, any overflow student possessions not permitted in dorm rooms can be stored with us over the summer or semester breaks until ready for retrieval.

Military Moving

We offer enclosed auto transport carriers to safely convey household vehicles along with family possessions between military bases during PCS reassignments.

No, military moves prohibit transporting hazardous classes like ammunition, liquids, gases or flammable materials – requiring they are discarded properly prior to pick-up.

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